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The Simplicity Project is currently available as paperback or for Kindle. An audio version is in the works and will be available as a bonus when you purchase the book.

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Praise for The Simplicity Project:

My mom just purchased your book, The Simplicity Project, and I just finished reading most of it and skimming over and just wanted to let you know that it is very helpful and truthful. God wants us to enjoy a peaceful life, not a life full of clutter and chaos. Your book has changed our lives, for the better, of course. Thank you for cutting out time each day to write this masterpiece!

Corie has changed the way I look at tasks and projects and shows how all of the areas of our life are inexplicably tied together. Disciplines in one area will become disciplines in another area. She has brought back a margin of sanity to our household.

What a great book with tons of ah-ha moments. A beginning road to a life filled with intention and purpose. The author makes the reader really think about every aspect of what they are living. Highly recommend it!

Corie packs a lot of punch in this quick, easy to read book. It is full of wisdom and simple ways to help declutter and live a meaningful life. It’s not about giving away everything you own. Corie focuses on how to help you reduce clutter, simplify and make room to live the life you are created to live. Her ideas are helpful and she shares honestly about how taking these steps have improved her life. Thanks for the advice, Corie!